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Growler History

circa 1930s


Shortly after opening Wyoming's first modern draft-only microbrewery, Charlie Otto was faced with a dilemma. He lamented to his father that customers were able to get his beers at bars but were not able to take them home. In response, his father said "You need some sort of growler!" Perplexed, Charlie asked, "What the heck is a growler?"

His father remembered filling up small metal pails at the local tavern and bringing home this fresh beer for his father, Charlie's grandfather. Intrigued, Charlie investigated, and soon found an old growler in his father's attic. In the dictionary a growler is defined as 1. A small iceberg, 2. A vessel for carrying beer. These covered pails were quite possibly called "growlers" because the lid made a rumbling sound as the carbon dioxide escaped from under the lid.

The light clicked on! Knowing that the health department might be more inclined to allow a glass container instead of a metal pail, Charlie moved forward, single-handedly bringing growlers back into modern usage. In 1989 he bought an small Atlas hand silk screener and began silk screening ½ gallon glass cider jugs with the brewery logo. These jugs were filled and re-filled at the brewery and liquor stores around town. And the rest, as they say, is history! Today, the use of glass growlers by beer patrons is has stopped a significant amount of cans and bottles from going into the trash each year.

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